How To Store Baklava?

Although there are lots of kind that is loved in our culture, It’s baklava comes to mind when we say dessert. Although it has a significant place in our culture The baklava ,which is a must of our holidays, is a kind of dessert which is loved in the other cultures.

Baklava is made of flour,starch , egg and sugar and we form the dough then we roll out the dough with rolling pin. Inside the rolled out doughs, the materials we want according to our palatal delight are placed in a tray and then cut with a knife and given the shape of baklava. Finally for the last step sherbet is poured and there you are, it’s ready.

Sometimes baklavas can’t be consumed completely, so how do we store the rest of the baklava?

How Do We Store Baklava With Sherbet ?

Just because baklavas with sherbet contain sugar , it goes sugary and becomes tough in hot weathers. Because of this especially in summer we suggest you to store the baklava in a spot which is dry and chill in your house.

In the other methods, leftover baklavas should be placed in a plastic container after closing the container you can put it to the freezer. Thus, you can store your baklava as it’s fresh as the first moment you get the baklava.

How To Store Baklava Without Sherbet?

You can store your baklava that’s not spilled sherbet, in an dry and sunless environment.

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